The doctor is in the hospital [literally]

A solemn apology for the lack of posting, but my life has been turned upside down lately.
Well, the doctor was in the hospital last week. And kind of discharged himself at the same time, on account of driving himself completely bonkers.

Dr Livingstone got home all right last time; the week after my last blog post. He was extremely exhausted, but not entirely different from previous month-long-stints-away-from-home-working-20-hours-a-day-for-4-months-on-end.
And when he got back we worked some more; a full week in our own workshop over here.
And on Friday we closed the shop early (well, actually two hours later than we planned) and went on a small get-away-weekend. Just the two of us. No computer with us. No hassle. Even telephone at a minimum. \o/
It was all relaxation, Hefeweiβ Beer & jummy Schnitzels as far as the eye could see (=Sunday).
Had lovely dinners and relaxing walks, even the land lady of the place we stayed in lent us her dog for walkies in the evenings. We saw foxes and deer while having a stroll in the German countryside. What strange shapes of heads these German cows have, so unlike the ones over here. My one big ambition in life not yet fulfilled: To stroke a cow. They always tend to shy away from me. [I haz a sad]
They did present me with my own private cloud of insects. A handful of irritating flies hovered above my head for about 300 meters until we reached the cover of the forest. Much to the amusement of Dr Livingstone, much to my chagrin.

So after a lovely 8 km walk on Saturday morning, some lovely hot Goulash soup and excellent coffee and a rummage around the local discount supermarkets we had an early dinner (Schnitzels und Hefe) and an early night. Utter and complete relaxation.

Dr Livingstone had a turn for the worse on Sunday morning. He started coughing up blood. I drove back home and we went to the emergency room at the hospital. Last time we were there they sent him home with a pain killer without even examening him.
Funny how you mention the word 'BLOOD' and they immediately take you seriously.
Within 1 hour he had had some X-rays taken, a heart monitor diagram, some antibiotics, anti-bloodcoagulants and the right diagnosis.
And Dr Livingstone thought they would just send him home again with some pills.
They kept him in for FIVE whole days. It was necessary because he had had a lung stroke and still has severe pneumonia. 'Normal' people would be kept in for at least two weeks.
So he's home all right, and at work at the same time. He fooled the doctor into believing he won't be lifting any stuff and be relaxing for at least two weeks.

Fat chance. Luckily, or should I say unluckily, one of his colleagues crashed his car about 100 meters from our shop and Dr Livingstone kindly lent his car to him. So he needs to be driven around. That was the deal. No driving cars for two weeks.

Today we just discovered Dr Livingstone had been taking an OD of anti-coagulants (that was the reason his sight was all blurry and he had a hard time remembering things).

As I am typing now, he feels calm now, a bit better then when he heard the news he had had an OD. He is sitting in his super deluxe armchair which we bough a couple of days ago to make him more comfy.

Will post an update on how he is feeling and how things are here once we have shifted this work load that has been piling up and weighing down and hovering above us like Damocles' Sword.

/teletext-type blog post