Which one?

So how are these Italian elections going to pan out?


American Psycho

Why do I, every time I see a picture of Lance Armstrong, think of a certain movie from 2000 starring Christian Bale?


(pdw) tribute

So sad to hear about the demise of our fellow skeptic (pdw). Dr Livingstone and I pulled into our local pub to pay our respect by drinking some Omers.
Patrick's not aware of this, but I know he's probably screaming up at us and we'll delete him from our address book in 6 weeks time.
It was awesome knowing a true skeptic like Patrick.

Dark Sky Status

I want to live in an area with a Dark Sky Status so I can resume the full star gazing experience. It must be awesome to be standing there with a telescope among the ruins of Llanthony Priory.


Pope retires ... not yet

The pope announced his retirement last week.
But no time to waste to follow up on other interests he never had time to pursue.
Pope Benedictus XVI has been confirmed for a part in the upcoming sequel to The Three Amigos.


Blond ambition

I got the results back on Monday for the January exams. I wasn't too happy with one result. I passed, but I wanted to know why I had a meh kind of grade.
Yesterday I went to the professor who had a consultation hour for students willing to get some more feedback on how they did or what went wrong.
She was very helpful but seemed to notice I was a bit disappointed with the points awarded.
- "But the exam was very good overall. Do you feel the grade is too low?"
- "Yes, but you have explained to me why you have given that grade and it is ok. I can see why you didn't award me with a higher mark."
(I wasn't there to debate or negotiate about a higher grade).
- "Are you used to different grades?"
- "Yes, they are usually higher."
- "But it's good. You're score is the average of the other exams I corrected."
- "But I don't want to be average. I want to exceed the average."

She then gave me a very queer look.
I don't know if I sounded exceedingly ambitious or extremely arrogant.

What's wrong with ambitious students?


Uncle Dicky under a car park

I saw the live broadcast of the announcement of the body under the car park being that of Richard III yesterday through the BBC live stream. 
It is true, the only thing I could think of was that Blackadder episode The Foretelling.

"My arms will end up at Essex, my torso in Norfolk, and my genitalia
stuck up a tree somewhere in Rutland."

"and my uncle under a car park in Leicester".