Pneumatology ≠ pneumology

I have this strange subject that, regardless what your field of study is, you are required to take it. It's called Religion, meaning and world-view. It bores the pants off if you're not into that kind of thing. Some theologist saying this and then another theologist not agreeing because of God knows what kind of reason.
The text we're using is larded with words like creed, revelation and eschatological.
I was reading through this bit of text on a certain Mr Jürgen Moltmann. I got through a paragraph but it didn't really make any sense.

It says (roughly translated): "In the third volume the insights from previous works are completed by reflections on ecclesiology and pneumatology."

I could't quite work out why a theologian would be remotely interested in combining religious studies with pulmonary diseases. Could it have been because of the crucifiction Jesus had a hard time breathing with all that water in his lungs?

It didn't make sense. None at all. The penny dropped quite late after a bit of confusion.
And then it dawned on me: Pneumatology is not the same as pneumology...


Belgium is no longer a country

It has been lingering in the foul smelling air for some time now, but as of this week it has been made official:
According to the message I got on youtube, Belgium is no longer a country.
And if it's on the internet it must be true. :-/

The RTBF (the French speaking community's broadcasting corporation) has blocked me from viewing a trailer for Rundskop because I live in the Flemish speaking part of Belgium. Which is according to the copyright restriction ... in another country. Ironically enough the film was financed with money from the Flemish, Brussels, Walloon and Dutch governments.
And it is an international trailer.

So does that mean the international film trailer will only be available in the Walloon part of the universe?

Reasons Greetings from a profoundly confused Belgian.


Why am I not surprised

"Friends haven't been doing anything new recently."


It's funny because it's true


Just fancy that

I'm the only living soul out of a class of, say 90 students, to recognize this man:

Professor: "Does anyone know who this is?"

I was the only to raise a hand.

Me: "It's Levi Strauss."

Professor aghast and pausing slightly: "That's correct. Very good... To be honest I didn't think anyone would know."

Me grinning like an idiot and feeling slightly embarassed at all the heads turning towards me.

Professor: "Tell me, how did you know it was him?"

Me, trying not to come over all sardonic or some other pedantic impression I was giving, said gingerly: "Erm, I recognized his -eh- face."



All done!

The room makeover has been completed. The radiator and borders are in place, Dr Livingstone has fitted all the electric sockets and switches.
Even the curtain rod has been installed. Unfortunately it had to be screwed to the wall some 7 cms higher. I say unfortionatly because the curtain was also 7 cms shorter and they were made to measure.
But then Dr Livingstone had the exceedingly brilliant idea of fixing the curtains to the rods with a novel system. Watch out IKEA, it will be patented!
He fitted small chains in between the gliders inside the rod and the hooks on the curtains. 4 links, that's all it took.

So here we are now, the definite 'before' and 'after' pictures.

It seems a shame to have to fill it with furniture now.
We won't be able to sleep in it until that nasty paint smell from the radiator has completely vanished.


You will be missed, blunt poet.

I raise my glass bottle in honour of your life and works.


Room Makeover Day 6

Well, it's white. From wall to wall.
The paint is on, all the ugly colours have been banished by the brush! Hurrah!
The wooden border is very elegant and looks better than the tiled ones.
It'll look very smart once all the tape has been removed, the floor has had a good scrub and the wooden border on the ceiling is in place.
Pfff. Just a little push and it's all over!


Room Makeover Day 5

Yes, this is Day 5. And behold! The ugly orange smear marks have disappeared behind the wall paper! Three cheers for covering up ugly things!
The room has been papered all round and now just needs a lick of paint (and if need be there must be 2 layers of paint to hide the seams and blotches shining through) and the slotting into place of the radiator.
I'm concerned there's not enough space now to put it back and it will be right up close to the new wall.
But hey, it's nearly done!


Room Makeover Day 3 & 4

Second round of sanding down and plastering the seems, and then for my Magnum Opus...


the spray painting of the radiator.

Two cans was all I bought due to tight budgetting. The main trick to doing this the right way is spraying on little layers. Not too heavy ones, they might form those 'tears' and we want a slick, clean and smart looking item.
Dr Livingstone and I had to move it away from the wall.
First up I sanded down the radiator with a medium sanding paper. Then I washed it down to get rid of all the paint and chalk. And then le moment sûprème.

It has been quite some years since I wielded a spray can for decorative purposes. After the first can was empty I went and had a drink, a cuddle and a breath of fresh air.
I didn't do the back of the thing, it is pretty useless since it is facing the wall and no-one will ever cast a sideways glance at it.

So from a very dull, dark brown, I now have a pristine white one. It says on the paint can it is white-white. But it looks a bit of a creme colour.
Anyway, I'm quite pleased with the result so far. It just needs to dry now and then reconnected once the wall paper and paint have been slapped on the wall. \o/


Educational Mainwaring

I couldn't quite put my finger on it all week, but while watching a Best of Dad's Army DVD it finally dawned on me.
One of my professors (and I'm not naming names) has an uncanny resemblance to Captain Mainwaring of Dad's Army fame.
They might be related. I think we should be told.


Room Makeover Day 2

This is day two of the makeover. All isolation plates are in place now, those around the window had yet to be fixed. And the first round of plastering the seams has been done! \o/

Mouser was in all states and darted out of the house the minute the front door opened.


Room Makeover Day 1

This is Day 1 of Room Makeover part 2. Work has gone very well today. Here are some before and after pictures.

The wooden and stone plinths have been removed, the radiator has been removed, new places for electric sockets have been made. The remnants of shoddy building work from previous owners has been laid bare. The walls with isolation have been put into place.
Quite enough for one day!

What a difference already. The room is a little smaller due to the thickness of isolation, but when the white coats of paint will be on, it will look very different.
But, hopefully next week, it will be goodbye to that hideous decoration of the walls.

I don't know what kind of house-hobby-idea rock that pattern crawled underneath from, but it will be cast into oblivion very soon! It's some kind of horrific 90's sponge technique. Yes, it is that horrible shade of orange, there is nothing wrong with your computer monitor.

Mouser steered well clear of all the noise by hiding under couches today. But at the end of the day Kitteh surveyed the building site as a genuine feline health and safety inspector (minus hard had, hi-vis jacket and steel-nosed boots). That curious cat did manage to walk out of the room with dusty paws. Have to be on the look out when the painting starts. One little accident and we could have trouble with Pépé Le Pew.



Mouser's bed-in protest seems to have worked.
We have something resembling a government.
Radio presenter Koen Fillet finally got to shave his beard after 320+ days.
Dr Livingstone said he'll not shave until this new government throws in the towel.
Or, I guess the price of razor blades drops dramatically.