Change? Sure!

I've made an alternative slogan for a right wing party. The original one on the left reads "Nu durven veranderen". Dare change now.

I've made a slight alteration "Nu durven vermageren". Dare lose weight now.


Udapte: A facebook group has been suggesting we plug the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico with Mr De Wever.


All quiet on the blogging front

I've rather run out of flippant remarks this week. And time to blog. As I have the usual exams preventing me from leading a normal life. James Randi is giving a talk in Utrecht on the 11th, I'll have to miss that too. Two of my internet acquaintances are going. So, yes, I will sacrifice myself on the altar of education (again).
Dr Livingstone is out with the usual former cocaine guitar playing millionaire so I have the house all to myself.
Except for Mouser who keeps me company at all times. I still need to put ointment in its left eye four times a day. It looks like it is healing properly, although quite slowly. Kitteh ran into something and her lens has been damaged (again). It's similar to like last time albeit a very deep scratch. I think I'm going back tomorrow to our strange neurotic vet to have a check-up.
So it'll be all quiet on the blogging front for a while.

Untill then, I will leave you with a final look-alike match. As I was viewing the red carpet pictures from the Robin Hood premiere at Cannes I came across the unshaven face of Russel Crowe. He looks like that Verstrepen guy that hopped parties a while back. They sport the same foppish hair. My guess is they'll be using it to mask a rapidly receding hairline in a short while; actors and politicians tend to be very self-absorbed and share a common trait: vanity.


A collection of Leonards

I've always had trouble telling the two apart: Leonard Nimoy and Leonard Cohen.
They look so similar with aging. And I must admit, I find Mr Nimoy's work far more entertaining than Mr Cohen's.
I'm sure I'm not the only one on the planet.
Highly logical.


Wishing wel

I am opposed to using strong language on this blog, but:
Yves Leterme should just STFU!

On Wednesday he said:
In naam van de regering en de Belgische bevolking wil ik u oprecht feliciteren met uw verkiezingsoverwinning als leider van de conservatieve partij en met uw benoeming als Britse eerste minister.

I do not wish to congratulate newly elected PM David Camoron.™ Or anyone else for that matter.
If Calimero opens his lying trap just once more I shall have to get really, really cross.
I do not wish to have someone speak on my behalf, unless they have been specifically appointed by me.
Not by some laughable mandate from the masses masquerading under the umbrella of unconstitutional elections.
What a mess.

Oh wait. I do wish to congratulate someone today:
Happy Birthday Dr Livingstone!
Love you so much!
Sorry I passed on that horrible runny nose and sore throat to match.
Mouser has been very sweet and allowed me to put the salve in its eye twice already and kitteh has brought home two kinds of mice.

Kissing like a bandit
Stealing time
Underneath a sycamore tree
Cupid by the hour sends
To my sweet lover and me
But surely
Your appetite is more than I knew
I'm falling in love with you


Greek sacrifice

In light of the economic crisis hitting most European countries, I've been raising both eyebrows when hearing the words 'Greeks' and 'sacrifice'. My imagination has been clouded because I've been studying the Ancients the past couple of terms.
But from the statements found in the media it is very obvious:
I don’t believe things will get better,” said office clerk Anastasia Griva, 49. “I am not prepared to make more sacrifices because I don’t think these measures will get us out of the crisis."

The office clerck is the voice of the Greek skeptic.

The Greek PM in his speech however: "People stop me on the street to say they are willing to make sacrifices if it can help our country".


"These sacrifices will give us breathing space and the time we need to make great changes," he added.


People are asking for blood,” ALCO pollster Costas Panagopoulos told Reuters.

Blood! Blood!

What kind of sacrifices are we talking about here? Piglets? Rams? Bulls?