I've never seen it turn that colour before. That's a whole lot of wind predicted for tomorrow. One of my fellow millers already called if I'd parked the mill in the south westerly direction last Sunday.
I must remember to tie the Mini down before it gets blown into Mr Moleslayers garden.
And leave Mouser sleeping indoors. We can huddle together on the sofa in the afternoon watching the storm roar past.


Ditch Bobsled team

"If it's too fast, go home. Go and get married and have some children."
That's what Dutch bobsleigh coach Tom de la Hunty said about a female bobber. And that is probably what one of his pilots will be doing. The Dutch team won't be making any runs this Winter Olympics.

That reminds me of a joke.
'What do you call 4 chickens in a bob?'
- Dutch


Don't eat the yellow snow

I was checking out the Kinepolis site to see if they are going to screen Alice in Wonderland. The rest of the movie theatres aren't. Kinepolis had yet to comment if they are boycotting too, and a quick glance at the site tells us the release is still planned for the 10th of March.
But another glance at the top where the ad banners are made my day. P magazine is having some kind of winter extravaganza. The ad monkeys really failed on this one.
It says in big red letters: 'P on snow'.


Go girls!

I won't be staying up to see their runs, due to the impossible hours over here (4 am on Wednesday morning). They've been down the track about 20 times before, hope they have some good runs. If any locals are going down to The Whistler Sliding Centre, here's some advice if you want to stand out from the crowd: Buy some Belgian flags to wave about and cheer our bobsleigh girls on in Vancouver!


Flying Spaghetti Monster apparition in Belgium

His Noodlyness appeared in front of our garage around 2 pm yesterday afternoon.
Truely this apparition is even more proof that there is a steady decline in pirates due to global warming.
We are the chosen ones.


Ad malfunction

I somehow ended up on the showbizz pages of the Daily Mail and looking at some old news (click to enlarge). It was about the dresses the stars were wearing to the British Independant Film Awards. Apparantly Eva Green had some trouble with her dress.
The ad in the side bar made me giggle. It's one of those 'lose weight fast' kinda things with a .gif of a slinking figure in a bikini. The bottom line of the ad read "1 kilo de ventre disparu par semaine grâce à un vieux truc bizarre". With a huge blue arrow point towards Eva Green.
Not very nice of them to call her "something old & weird".


Belgian Runnings

I would like you all to root for the very first Belgian Bobsled team! They've only been doing this for just under three years.
It's a bit like Cool Runnings.
But without John Candy.
And with white women.

And of course a big cheer for all our other 6 athletes in Vancouver!


Happy 90210!

Yes, I admit it. I did watch the first three series.
Bizarre to see how very eighties those early nineties outfits really looked.
Look at those trainer flap things sticking out from under those high waist bleached jeans!

*Mrs B hides all photos of her early teen years


Tending toward rest

My apologies for the light posting.
I was winding down after my exam period. Just got the results in today. My grades are even better than expected.
Double plus good! Quite chuffed with myself as usual.
On top of that I have a case of very bad tendonitus in the elbows. -s. Yes. That's right. Both of them. And I haven't been near a tennis racket since last summer.
The only thing tennis related I've been doing was watching Henin and Clijsters during the Australian Open.
It looks like I may have been doing a little bit too much of weight pulling at the gym. Bleh.
So typing is very painful at the moment. I've been saving all I have for my classes which started again today.


Great Spotted Foodpecker

An unexpected visitor in the garden. Not the most likely candidate to spot when hanging out food for the birds after snowfall.
Dendrocopos major, a female, enjoys a little peck. It is by far the biggest bird able to eat from the balls. Usually nothing bigger than Parus caeruleus, Passer domesticus, Erithacus rubecula or Parus major come and have a little nibble.
This female Great Spotted Woodpecker has been stalking the garden for a couple of weeks now and two days ago when Dr Livingstone and I were in the kitchen we saw two of them in Mr Moleslayer's walnut tree. They were too quick and nimble for me to discern if it was one of each sex.
I can hear them making those drumming sounds in the woods.