Claw in the dark

Scientists in South Korea have cloned cats that partially glow red when exposed to ultraviolet rays.
You can just sit back and count the hours it will take before the first reports start rearing their ugly little heads of superstitious Koreans claiming they saw ghosts rummaging around in their dust bins, climbing up their drapes and using their flower beds serving as top of the range toilets. Purrrfect.


Movie word combination

Gestapo Spank.

Nice eh? From the movie Casablanca


Faites vos jeux

Amy, dontchaloveher? Just dust off your crystal ball and predict when she's going to pop it.
Heh, 't was nearly as funny as I thought it would be 'till I spotted a huge spelling mistake in the sub title of the site. That took the 'ha' out of the slight crease of laughter I managed to conjure up on my face.


Xmas repeat

Christ on a bicycle! Christmas hasn't finished yet. It's supposed to be on January 7th according to the Julian calender. If you've missed out on all the hubbub here and can't get enough of that festive spirit, take a city trip to a church in the diocese of Serbia, Russia or Jerusalem and prolong this never ending custom that is Kitchmas.




Elf Yourself

Getting back on this Christmas card thing. This is cool.


Political word combinations

Limousine liberal
Champagne socialist
Salon Communist


Get on with it!

Always on the road when yours truely is in a hurry. Never get their cars out during the rest of the week, only today. Just a stroll around the block recharging the battery.


Fav combi

charity boxing match.


Happy ...?

This is the card friends and relatives are going to get for the forthcoming holidays. I think next year I won't bother because I have always loathed doing this kind of thing. Last year I only did it because I bought the Private Eye Xmas cards. I was thinking of confusing everyone by sending them Happy Hanukkah cards instead. But next year it is on December 21st, too close to Christmas, most of them wouldn't get it. So I could just wish them a happy 5768 instead of 2008. 2010 would be ideal, I think around December 2nd.


Less borders, more countries

Yey! Celebrations! Finally after many delays Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic are becoming part of the Schengen area. We already travelled easily between Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the two associated countries Norway and Iceland. Finally a chance to do some Christmas shopping in Ljubljana and Prague without having to pass some uniforms. Airports still do passport checks 'till March '08.
From midnight tonight you can travel 4,000km from Tallinn in Estonia to Lisbon in Portugal without any border controls. Funnily enough the geographical centre of Europe has been debated for years. It has shifted east since new member states have been joining since 1995. Remarkble how each earlier measurement resulted in the centre residing in the country executing the calculations...


Just what I always wanted

After the success of the widely popular Igrill finally USB Wine! Hurrah!


Word Combination

Favourite Word Combination for today: word juggling


The tyranny of Christmas lights

Why are we subjected over and over again to the yearly unreasonable, vulgar, kitchy, tacky, cheap, tasteless & chintzy lights all middle class people put up? Is there a point to polluting the sky with light and squandering electricity? Why do governments give out free energy saving light bulbs but do nothing to halt the pointless consumption of energy?



New favourite word combination for today: l’Autisme écologique

Luck! Get it? Sounds almost exactly like

Rubbing Everard 't Serclaes' wrist, finding some uncommon variation of the common three-leaf clover, bleedin' fortune cookies, chain letters, throwing salt or flamin' horseshoes over the odd shoulder, finding a free parking space,... Balls to all of that. Contemplating joining the village deposit for the 31st december lottery draw. Only 14 participants up to date. There is a 8 million euro prize. Chances of having the right 6+ number combination are very slim I must say. But that is not the thing bothering me. It's having to share with all those other people! Luck does not enter into this equation. It's greed and envy that compel me to decline!


The New Hamilton

Considered the epitome of female beauty, resembling an ancient Greek sculpture, admired by her contemporaries, wanted as a model for celebrated artists...
La Kidman IS the new Emma Hamilton (except for the mouth).