Inertia is my homeboy

I've discovered I'm quite the little sadist when it comes to watching sporting events on the box.
The Malaysian Grand Prix made me come to that conclusion about myself. I was hoping for more rain so cars could skid off the track and make it just a tad more spectacular.
Same goes for cycling. A wet stretch of road is just grand. I remember when I was working at the Zolder race track during the Road Cycling World Championships about six years ago, that new layer of asphalt induced massive pile ups and when one guy fell, he took down a fair amount of the peloton with him.
Another example could be the Tour de France. I never watch that, except for the descent etappes if the Alps, or any other mountain ranges, are included. I just watch to see if one of those guys misses the turn and takes a massive dive into a ravine.
It could just be I associate the Ronde van Vlaanderen with pain. About seven years ago, on the same day the Ronde took place, I fell down a flight of stairs, banged my head on the floor and ended up with a mild concussion, a chipped tooth and a stitched eyebrow.
Football, that other boring sport, is only interesting when it's been raining for days on end, the field is covered in a thick fog or the ground frozen solid so the ball bounces the other way everyone least expected it to go.
Now rally and those kind of things are just silly. You just know they're gonna crash sooner or later. The suspense is missing.

Gravity rulez! Inertia is my homeboy!

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