Not to be missed

I can't stand hypocrisy. And I absolutely detest the saying: 'Don't speak ill of the dead'.
Because I will. On Friday Dré Steemans passed away (a.k.a. Félicé Damiano).
I can't believe all this media outpour. 'Oh, he was so nice to work with.... Always the cheery fellow etc. etc.'

That is simply not true. He was impossible. He was a stuck-up, short-tempered little pain in the arse.
I worked on a plethora of shows of his and he was not a very nice man to work with.
I can hardly count the times he flew into a terrifying rage. Shouting and screaming at people in the studio, stamping his feet like a little kid.
Even walking off the set and leaving behind an entirely bewildered crew.

The only nice thing I can actually say about him is he used to drive a nice Maserati.

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