Temperature record?

Are we going to break the record today? Temperatures have been climbing. On Wednesday we had 31,1ºC, yesterday the mercury didn't make it past the 31,3ºC mark. Forecast says we might get 33ºC today. We've even had an ozon-alert.
Mouser is staying out all day, lying idle in the shade. Poor thing is shedding like mad. But with Dr Livingstone's lovely present (a nice bristle with pig hair) I can groom teh Kitteh.
I've put down little pots of fresh water everywhere outdoors, but Kitteh refuses to drink from it and prefers the yucky water in the bird bath. I refresh it every day, but the container looks dirty.

I'm indoors, all the windows and doors shut tight, working on my paper.
My professor keeps emailing me if I have already finished it and could I please send the bibliography and table of contents.
I did so and he replied: 'Wel, wel, that's looking pretty good.'
And then he returned the pdf with about ten comments. :/
Is he running low on summer reading or something? Maybe I gave him the impression that this paper is going to be the next best thing and he's got high expectations.

I will really try to finish it this weekend. I want to be ready to start studying for two more exams I have left in the next couple of weeks before I (finally) have my undergrad degree... \o/

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