Dry liver

Mouser has taken to drinking from a bucket in our bathroom.
That's right. Not from the toilet bowl (although Dr Livingstone has told me he did see Kitteh do it before).
Mouser has fresh water next to it's nomnoms bowl and still blue buckets are the preferred modus operandi.
If Mouser wants to get into the bathroom I need to open two doors which separate it from the living room. I call it 'drinky-drinky'. Yelps ensue in recognition of the sounds I make which are by now associated with drinking from large blue buckets.
I couldn't resist making a snap of Velvet Claws™ in action.

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William Duncan said...

Bill keeps fresh water for me too but it is more fun to drink from the fish pond. I just love to see ow things like that grosses bill out.