Blond ambition

I got the results back on Monday for the January exams. I wasn't too happy with one result. I passed, but I wanted to know why I had a meh kind of grade.
Yesterday I went to the professor who had a consultation hour for students willing to get some more feedback on how they did or what went wrong.
She was very helpful but seemed to notice I was a bit disappointed with the points awarded.
- "But the exam was very good overall. Do you feel the grade is too low?"
- "Yes, but you have explained to me why you have given that grade and it is ok. I can see why you didn't award me with a higher mark."
(I wasn't there to debate or negotiate about a higher grade).
- "Are you used to different grades?"
- "Yes, they are usually higher."
- "But it's good. You're score is the average of the other exams I corrected."
- "But I don't want to be average. I want to exceed the average."

She then gave me a very queer look.
I don't know if I sounded exceedingly ambitious or extremely arrogant.

What's wrong with ambitious students?

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