The Freezer Murders

Well, "Cluedo for real" continues. Here is a follow up.

"The only thing we know is that both victims were killed by stabbing. But the autopsy report has not yet been added to the file so the examining judge has not yet had access to that." Okay. So it's probably just lying around on someone's desk and that person is away on holiday right now and won't be back within a fortnight.
Is kind of clever, up to a certain point, now not trying to arrouse suspicion if you want someone appear to be still alive. Texting and emailing. Is a bit short sighted at the best of times, but then again. How many pensions have been fraudulently claimed while granny was already gone to meet her maker? Not too long ago pensioners had to present themselves at the town hall and ask for a document that stated they were still alive. But they've gotten rid of that cumbersome bit of Kafka now. So who checks up on the old dears now?
Step forward Norman Bates...

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