Giant Badgers terrorise Basra

I could not help but finding it scary but yet so unbelievable. 'Tis hilarious, another Nessie is born. I think it is a story made up just to scare people from roaming around the streets at night. This is part of the Old Empire that gave us 1001 Arabian Nights! So the Brits introduced the badgers eh? Well, we know how shaky the whole badger cull in Blighty really is. Just google badger cull to get all sides of the story. So. Dump the poor sods somewhere remote. Logistical nightmare? Just the domestic bit. There will be trooptransports and the like going due Middle East. So no snag there. But have we seen vast outfits roaming the countryside bagging badgers? Recruiting them for an honorable cause? If they could get away with making the Nigerian fraudulent documents stick, why not smuggle in some animals unwanted on your own turf? Put a little spin on exporting these sick badgers. "Numbers of infected badgers rapidly declining". I fell of my chair reading a statement from the British spokesman:"We can categorically state that we have not released man-eating badgers into the area,"
It is silly isn't it. Just send in the Badger Brigade and save the troops for the clean-up.

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