Abe got soul

I don't even know where to start. Tee Hee. Okay, here goes.
Today is February 5th. In 1974 Patty Hearst, heiress to the Randolf Hearst imperium, was kidnapped. Yes, she is the granddaughter of William Randolf Hearst, the figure Orson Welles based his Citizen Kane on. The kidnap was carried out by a little-known revolutionary group, the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA). Over the following weeks, they apparently brainwashed Patty Hearst into accepting their ideas, until in April 1974 she was caught on CCTV helping them to rob a bank. She did a runner, but was caught by the FBI. After a sensational trial, she was sentenced to seven years' imprisonment, but was released, in 1979, after three years. She was pardoned in January 2001 by President Clinton.

So Stockholm syndrome strikes again.
But that wasn't what I wanted to blog about today. I wanted some more background on all of this and within two clicks I found myself on this website.

A random pick of some delicious quotes:

"Soul Journey does more than provide historical proof of life after death."

"Abraham Lincoln [in a past life] had been a yogi in the Himalayas . . . . He has come back . . . as Charles Lindbergh."

"How to unleash your "Inner Lincoln" . . .plus, lots more!"

"Verifiable (you can look it all up at your public library)"

"If you tried to collect this material on your own it would cost you thousands of dollars."

Wow, more than historical proof? Verifiable historic proof of after life in the public library that would cost thousands of dollars to look up?
I'm gobsmacked.
The upcoming event descriptions are a gem too: this made me break out in spasms on the floor:

"On Feb 6th, Salva will give a talk at East West Bookstore in Mountain View, California, on the subject of "The Resurrection of Abraham Lincoln", the yoga viewpoint of what happened to Lincoln's spirit after he was assassinated".
You mean there are other viewpoints on his soul? That just blew my mind.

"On Wednesday, February 20 from 10-11am PST, Richard Salva will be interviewed on Guiding Stars, an astrological internet show hosted by evolutionary astrologer, Kristin Fontana. Kristin and Richard will discuss possible connections between Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama."
Evolutionary astrologer
? What's that?

Still not convinced this book is worth buying? What about this gobbledygook of marketing phrasing:

"Comprehensive (more than 500 hidden connections disclosed)
• many times the connections in other rein-carnation books
• many times the number of secret connections in The Da Vinci Code"

I thought this Da Vinci craze sell out tactic would have been over by now.

The Spirit of Saint Louis. Lindbergh yogic flyer. Heh, isn't half as funny as reading the book appraisals.

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