Chairman Miaow

Mouser has been a bit of a moonlighter so to speak.
The people who live in the farm across the road have confirmed this. The Bartman and his Chinese partner Zeng Yang were amazed when coming over to our place and seeing Mouser sitting behind one of the windows soaking up the sun.
I think the little beclawed hare-catcher feels a little taken aback and might I add 'cought in flagrante', it probably never thought we'd find out it'd been two timing us. We had suspected for a long time, but have now finally found out. Funnily enough, we heard the night following the encounter Mouser spent the night at their house.
They don't call that grimalkin Mouser obviously, just "Cat". Or the word for cat in Chinese. Dr Livingstone has been giving Zeng Yang swimming lessons and she'd told him how she called Mouser. But Dr Livingstone forgot how it sounded. Well, it looks like this: 貓
Isn't that symbol a dead ringer for a cat on its hind legs groping for something on a table? It's pronounced 'mao'. Just fancy that, a cat that can say it's own name.
So since Mouser has been fraternising with Shanghai Lily maybe we should start calling it Chairman Mao.

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