Fitness, statistics and intelligence expelled

I went for a new cardio/aerobe test at the gym I've been frequenting.
The last one wasn't good, I had a blocked nose then and my result had gone down compared to the previous one.
But I'm still at the top of the league table. According to my heart recuperating thingy, I'm one of the healthiest people frequenting the gym.
Moi? Healthy?
And then my coach brought me down to earth again: "You're that high on the fitness scale because of your weight."
The program kinda takes into account how much you weigh. It comes up with some magic number after the test, devided by your weight and then you get a value. The higher the number, the healthier you seem compared to the average of your age group.
So actually I don't know if I'm really that healthy. What if some fat slob is healthier but the results get skewed due to the math involving weight?
Damn, I wish I had payed more attention when I learned statistics.

Oh, I must blog about my adventures in the gym, I don't think I have before. The things I hear and see. Me oh my.
And they have daytime-tv. Most of those exercise torture racks have these built-in screens. It's disgustingly mind-numbing. Yesterday I saw dickwad evolution denier Ben Stein host America's Smartest Model. Oh boy. I don't even know where to start.

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