The Sound of Silence

Well, I've lost my voice. Thanks to laryngitis.
It started out with a sore throat, some swollen glands and it has ended in silencing the Chatterbox Extraordinaire™, a.k.a. moi.
I went to see the doctor and he forbade me to try and utter a single word.
'I'll prescribe you a saying', he said: 'Silence is golden'.
Yeah right. But my eyes still see.
I have to communicate with Dr Livingstone. It started out with writing down words on paper, but he has trouble reading my handwriting (I should have been a doctor).
The most efficient way of communication is writing on a blank page on a word processor program in a type 76 font.
It is much quicker to type anyway.
When I'm away from either paper or lap top I try and resort to some kind of charades, but they don't always work.
Middle Teen™ was wathcing the news yesterday and she saw an item on two convicts escaping from a prison by helicopter. Dr Livingstone asked her where this was and she didn't know. I knew. As we were in the kitchen, I had no means to express myself. So I thought a quick way of explaining would be to show the leading folkloric custom associated with the country. So I went to the table, I had already set it, and picked up a plate and made a gesture of smashing it by throwing it to the floor. Yep, you guessed it. It was in Greece.
But they didn't get it, it only confused them even more.
Even Mouser is confused. Usually I respond when my fourlegged friend makes noises. I can only make smacking or whistling noises, snap my fingers or clap my hands to get its, or anyones, attention.
I hope my medication will help out and I will be able to function on a normal level again by the weekend.

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