Richard Gere has a statue at Chartres Cathedral

If you ever go to Chartres and visit the beautiful cathedral, make sure you also look at the wonderful portals.
Take your binoculars with you to see every detail.
I'm taking a course on gothic art, the professor was talking about the difference in styles between two portals and was pointing out an evolution in the way statues were being used and why they looking the way they look mid thirteenth century.
And then he pushed the button on his computer to put the next slide up.
It was an image of the Porch of the Martyrs (the left doorway on the south transept).
The statue on the far left is Saint Theodore. He showed us a closer shot of the statue and then suddenly stopped mid sentence. He stared up at the image projected on the screen and then said:

'Don't you think that statue looks exactly like a young Richard Gere? That statue is a dead ringer for how he looked from the time he starred in American Gigolo'.

Roaring laughter.
Throughout the rest of the lecture he kept referring to it as Richard Gere instead of Saint Theodore. These scolars say the darnest things due to lack of sleep.

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