Batman & Robin' the garden

Those silly birds. I put out some bread for them but it's been laying there for two days now.
This morning: Success! The two pheasants had a little nibble. I'd only seen one of them about the previous week, I thought the other one had been shot. Game hunters were pretty active the weekend before last.
And a little red robin has been fluttering round the house. Much to the enjoyment of Mouser, who's at the window all hours of the day. Its bird watching activities interrupted with thought-exercises: Not really being able to decide whether to stay indoors or go out.
It usually boils down to the former.
Mouser's been drinking a lot of water lately, methinkst it is because Dr Livingstone has been throwing salt everywhere to keep the stairs from being icy and snow free. Every time Kitteh returns from The Cold Outdoors it licks its paws. I think cat could have raised blood pressure. It certainly is thirsty.

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