Not while running

I decided to get one of those digital voice recorders. A fellow student recorded a lecture and it was pretty good listening to that again right on the eve of my exam. Amazing how much you actually miss out on while taking notes.
Dr Livingstone ordered a cheap one (a steal at only 25€!) and it arrived this morning.
Because I always RTFM before using something I decided this was the best way forward in this case too.
So I cracked the box open. No paper manual. There was however an 80 mm disc in there. Stupid PC junk.
So Dr Livingstone resurrected some ancient Toshiba, copied the pfd for me and I started reading.

I scrolled down for the Dutch version. Me oh my.
It started out with a warning: 'Verwijder de batterij niet wanneer u aan het rennen bent.'
Loosly translated as: 'Do not remove the battery while you are running'

Here's what went on in my mind:

1) Bollocks. Bloody dyslexia. Let's read that again shall we?
2) Hey! Why would I be running with my voice recorder?
3) Let's back up a little more. Why would I be changing the batteries while running? In case I would like to record my own panting? In case I would transform into a journalist trying to catch a sound bite? And I hate running. I thought this thing was battery operated, not motion controlled.
4) Wait a second. There must be something wrong with the translation. Let's have a look at another language.
5) Right. Scroll down to Italian.
6) 'Durante l'esecuzione non estrarre la batteria'
7) That can't be right either. Why would I want to have a voice recorder with me at an execution?
8) Wait. Lolwut?
9) Let's try the English version.
10) Pom pom pom po pom. No, that's Magyar. Must be further down.
11) Ah. Here we are: 'While in use, don't remove the battery'.
12) Oh I see. Just a sidesplittingly funny translation.

There's a fresh lecture on tomorrow, I'll be able to test it and hear the quality. Hope it is better than the translation.

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