Zele is the new Brussels

So the director of Flanders Tourism in New York was reprimanded for omitting the Walloon part of Belgium on some kind of invitation. Instead it just said 'France'.
I don't understand what all the hubub is about. Americans know where France, Germany and Dutchistan are, but they've never heard of 'La Wallonie'.

They should have made trouble about the fact that Brussels was drawn in at the wrong point.
Brussels is now, so it seems, smack down right in the middle of Zele.
You won't have heard of it. Its only claim to fame is that a guy was born there who once was a goalie for the national football team. And then was shamed throughout the country (in the Northern part as well as the Southern part) when he was sent off the field during the Belgium - Turkey match with a red card because of a very clumsy move involving the bringing down of Arif. And all their substitute moves had been used up, so a regular footballer had to put on the goalie shirt. They lost by 2-0.

Anyway. Let me tell you about being struck off the map. If I want to see le météo for the Southern Part of Belgium on the site of RTL I get this message: 'Cette vidéo est malheureusement pas accessible pour votre territoire'.
So it just boils down to living on the wrong side of the rivers now does it? Fine. If you want your cake I'll make damn sure you'll bloody well eat it too.
I hope they get flooded or struck by locust plagues or something.

Hmm. Maybe that's too Jewish.

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