Photo of the Week

This must be my favourite photo of the week. King Albert II and his dear Petite Mozarella seen leaving the palace on Tuesday.
So watch out if you're in the Brussels area. Keep well away from a white Fiat 500. She's Italian. And we all know what their driving is like...
I also would like to point out they do not appear to be wearing any seatbelts! With all those policemen standing around at the gates you would think one of them would be brave enough to tell them to buckle up.
We've already had Albert's mother die in a car crash during the interbellum. Methinkst the country is politically down the pan enough. I don't think we'd cope with The Idiot Prince™ on the throne on top of all that.


Fredegre said...

Well, well... I seem to remember they were looking for "a small white Fiat" during the investigation on Lady Di's fatal car crash in in Paris. Maybe we should check whether Bertie & Polly weren't hanging loose in the City of Light around that time... :-)

Mrs B said...

I'll pass that on to the Dirty Digger.
I'm sure it'll feature as a headline in the Diana Express on Monday.