Food is cheep

Mouser gave me a scare today. I've been trying to give one of those Drontal cat pills to make the worms clear out of the cat-hedral. (Geddit? Cathedral, Worms)
Kitteh ate everything, even licked all the jelly off the cat food, but left the tablet. I've refused to give any more food until the bowl is finished.
My personal lolcat has been going in and out all day, I'm at my desk studying Byzantine Art. Every now and then a 'meow' comes out of the kitchen and Mouser's next to the dinner bowl, mentally pointing at it.

Just now I heard some strange noises yet again, but didn't turn round as I wanted to know what happened at the council of Nicaea in 787. Then I heard pleading moans uttered from the hall.
I went to look and found Mouser devouring a chick. It was already headless and missed a leg. The carpet was full of insects and a small snail. Apparently the bugs had not been digested yet.
My guess is it must be one belonging to Mr Useless Farmer.™
I had to fling it out into the garden to get rid of it. Mouser sped out of the house in pursuit but then didn't bother to search for it. It just gave me the 'you know what I want, that'll teach you' look.

All I could think of was:
'I feel like chicken tonight'

And of course I'm stuck with that Ella Fitzgerald song in my head.
It has a line in the song that goes 'So please be sweet, my chickadee'.

I'll have to be more vigilant and close doors and windows so Mouser doesn't come home with those pocket sized chicklets again.

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