Fashion statement of the year 2010

I opted for the moonboots this week because of the heavy snowfall. There's about 20 cms now, Dr Livingstone cleared twice on Monday and within 20 minutes all his work had been to no avail.

So I leave an hour earlier to get to uni on time, trains are running late as usual. I enter the little warming room at the station and see every single one of my fellow travelers (20 or so) look down at my feet.
Let me correct myself; they are not looking, they are staring. They are gawping.

Meh. I already crossed the shame barrier in the hallway this morning, when I chose those cursed white moonboots.

But to put things in perspective I must quote Louis Sullivan on this. Form follows function; they are comfy, warm and I'm not slipping and falling all over the place.

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