Gardening schemes (part 1)

The sun is out and I feel like I have enough energy in me to do a spot of gardening.
17ºC on Tuesday and I got the tools out. My little project for the day: eradicate the entangled-bush-I-don't-know-the name-of, clean up the excess earth and wood chip, make it nice and tidy.
Bonney joined me, and then scratched me till it bled while I was stroking kitteh.
Mouser wondered around, but spent the rest of the afternoon indoors.
Here are some before (on the left) and after pictures (on the right).

View from the kitchen:

View from the side where we've put down some chairs and a table I Hammerited a while ago:

As seen from the stables:

As you can tell from the pictures the sun had moved about a bit, it took me a good 4 hours (!) to get those sodding roots out of the earth. Those entangled-bushes-I-don't-know-the name-of are a thorn in my side.

Next step will be to prune the bush without killing it. And put down new wood chip.
Mouser will have a lovely little place in the shade, and the view from the house and our sitting corner will have improved (just a bit).
We're planning on having everything torn out, in August we're going to sort out the water pipes and stuff.
But that is still a couple of months away, I've already done this. I'm quite pleased so far.
Follow-up posts will appear from time to time as I make my way through all the flower beds accordingly.

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