The Yellow House

I started reading The Yellow House: Van Gogh, Gauguin, and Nine Turbulent Weeks in Arles by Martin Gayford on google books a fortnight ago. I speeded through to page 70 or so. And of course that was the end of the preview... So it was the perfect excuse to do some online shopping. I found a second hand copy through Amazon for a measly 2£ (shipping was twice the price of the book...).
Anyway, the printed work was forced into the letterbox just before the weekend.
It's a light read so far, easily digestable. Giving me ideas on how to approach some subjects for research.
We studied Gaugain and Van Gogh during the first semester. I wish I had read it before. The book was recommended to me over teh interwebz on a forum I frequent. Very glad I followed up on it and was able to have a little taste of it and not order something on a whim.

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