Dill & Cress

The dill is on schedule! A little surprise awaited me when I went to check on the pots.
It started germinating since the temperatures have stayed above freezing level.
Let's hope it goes according to plan so I can put them in terra firma as soon as they are big enough to fend for themselves outside.

Also the plants in the hall are doing ok. They've started to show some more leaves. I hope I can put them out as soon as I've cleaned up the side of the car port and they can grow on over there.
I do need some manure or soil with some extra nutrients to enrich the soil in place. It doesn't look very -eh- fertile at the moment.
But I'm dreading going to the garden centre again. Spring is going to start this weekend according to the weather forecast and I'm not too keen on slaloming between OAP's.

This inspired me to sow some watercress on a piece of old kitchen towel in a tray. Even kids can grow these so I'd be very dissapointed if this didn't catch on.

It also rained a little today, my cobblestone path has hardened and looks firm enough to last a couple of years!

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