Garden workout

Easter Monday and finally some sunshine and a nice 8ºC.
Time to finish stuff in the garden I started on Sunday.
I had previously sanded down the garden furniture and have given them the once over with some protective fluid. They have now lost the bland grey tone and are looking a warm orangey-brown again, just like new.
I probably will be sanding them again with a very fine grain to make them feel a little more smooth and agreeable to the skin.

I got round to stripping tree branches Dr Livingstone cut off a couple of weeks ago and decimated small twigs so we can dry and stack them and then use them next year to get the stove going.

Next up I cut some kind of prickly shrub that was growing through the fence.
Goodbye and good riddance.

Our neighbour kindly helped out with his swivelling laser level to put some markers down so the guys with their bulldozers know what to dig and how to level the ground. Apparently there is a difference of 15 cms. No wonder we have a lot of water around the house. If we get all that extra ground shifted things will be a lot better.

The other neighbour (the one who believes in chem-trails and aliens) brought us a box of eggs and told us he had a mountain of cobblestones he wanted to get rid of and if we wanted to take them off his hands?
Yes please!

Dr Livingstone had already dug some trenches for the cement borders that need to go in, he was quite exhausted around 3pm. We had two St-Bernardus beers and we soaked up some sun while it lasted.

Dr Livingstone eventually got two wheelbarrows of stones from next door. He also kindly shovelled plenty of sand and screed and then I just went ahead and began to lay a little cobblestone path!
Never done it before, it's not perfect, but I'm proud of my work so far. I've come about 3 meters and still need to lay around 10 meters. The path is three cobblestones wide.

I am however feeling stiff all over (so is Dr Livingstone) and I do not think getting up in the morning will be an easy chore...

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