Garden update

It looks like this blog is turning into a gardening blog.
Loads of stuff has been going on, Dr Livingstone and myself have been VERY busy at work and in college. And somehow we've managed to find some time to plunge headlong into gardening.
It's beginning to look pretty trim now. Bar the weeding. It's all a work in progress, but it's slowly taking shape.
Some things just grow by themselves and are doing very well. The climatis by the car port is holding back for some better weather I think. Dr Livingstone moved a bee hotel from the back near the stables to this sunny spot underneath the one that was already there. The top one is already full, let's hope the other one will house a plethora of new bees to pollinate the flowers and veg.

Dr Livingstone has been planting some veg in the self-made crates I mentioned earlier. This is the way to beat backache (well, erm, after doing all the hard work).
Crazy neighbour gave him some salad to plant and our other neighbour gave some Tagates to plant in between the rows of onions, leek and potatoes.

Last weekend we also got some poles and some plastic gutters. Dr Livingstone and myself fashioned them into raised flower pots and Crazy Neighbours' wife brought some flowers she had left over. Other neighbour also offered some manure. Looks like they're keen to have a lovely garden next door!

I also made a second space for herbs. Now I've got extra Moroccan mint and I've also moved the dill I had in the conservatory outside.
Dr Livingstone bought a plastic mini conservatory. He fastened it down with some logs so the wind won't transport it somewhere we don't want to. I've bought some red paprika's and a lot of cherry tomato plants. They haven't gone into the ground yet, the guiding poles for growth have only gone in today.
The trellis Dr Livingstone finds hideous also went in the ground and I've planted 4 climatis alongside it and hope they're going to give us a nice rainbow of flowers (if we ever get some spring and nicer temperatures that is).

We've done a fair bit of work and have done more, but I'm saving that for a different post.

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