King of the air

I can recognize the sound of a Westland Sea King helicopter miles away. It has been in service in our Royal Air Force since 1976 so I've nearly seen and heard it on a daily basis because I used to live on the coast, about 20 kms from its home base.
So I was really surprised when we were relaxing outside our house when I suddenly heard the low, thundery noise in the distance getting louder by the minute.
'I can hear a Sea King' was the first thing I said to Dr Livingstone.
He stared at me in disbelief.
'I can really hear it, it's getting quite near'. After a minute or so it suddenly emerged from behind the tree tops and flew right over our house.
I was just in the process of taking some pictures of the garden, so I was rewarded with a nice picture of the RS02!

Last Friday was the centennial of our Belgian Air Force. There was a show at the air base of Bevekom (Beauvechain) in which the Sea King participated.

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