Drop the dead donkey

Oh no. Wait... It's not dead yet.

Badly shorn sheep's™ owner is not very good at looking after his animals. Even the adorable stubborn donkeys look as if they've been reanimated five times over. Every morning when I look out the window I fear the worst has happened.
It is getting worse every day. A goat and a sheep are limping badly and he's not doing anything about it.
Animal welfare people have been to look in on him after we alerted the police a couple of months ago, but I've not seen them do anything. They just gave him a warning he needed to mend his fences.
Which he kindof tried and resulted into a farce.

Maybe I'll give them a buzz again when temperatures pick up and I haven't seen any improvement.
The poor beasts are void of any water. The little horse that was born last year is so skinny one could play ribcage xylophone on it. They don't get any extra feeding and have to make due with the non existent grass in the too small a field.

Poor animals are being maltreated and there's nothing I can do about it.

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