Let's not split hares

It's been a while but Mouser has been bringing some unusual stuff home again.
'Look what the cat dragged in' has to be taken quite literally.
Mouser's been collecting hares. Just like the one it caught last year.

Some doors and windows were open and I heard that specific yelping sound it makes when it's caught something. I wasn't fast enough to go and have a look out. Mouser abligingly brought it into the living room for me to see. It sat proudly next to the hare. Just like a Golden Retriever.
I took it outside, no pulse, no breathing. It was still warm. Mouser played with it for a while and then I put the hare on the compost.
Cat didn't see I'd taken it and went looking all over.
Then it crossed the street into the field where all the cows are and went on the prowl again.
I resumed my computer work.
About ten minutes later I heard yelping yet again.
Another hare!
I was confused. Did it go and get the other one I put on the compost? I had to go see and check.
No, it was still there! She'd gotten another one!
I let kitteh keep this one. Mouser started to nibble on this one, half of it was already gone by the time I started typing again.
This morning the rest of the hare was gone.
What a good little hunter!
Too bad it's poaching other fields, it should catch all the mice and moles in our garden.
Ah well, they do say variety is the spice of life, don't they?

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