You've got mail

As some of my dear readers will know, I don't think very highly of our national postal services.

Another incident made me go 'I don't bloody believe it!' yet again.

I got a letter. It was in some kind of plastic envelope. A big chunk of the letter and all the paperwork was missing in the corner.
The text on the wrapper read something along the lines of:

"Dear customer, sometimes things get damaged in the process of handling the mail. This has happened to the contents of this envelope. So in view of this incident and all the unpleasantries that might result from it, I sincerely wish to express my regret.
Please excuse us, The Postmaster."

It's not even signed or anything.

So they have pre-printed apologies now do they? It looks as they're just taking the piss, aren't they?
Probably so they can say: 'See, the stats say we've received less complaints this year. And we've issued x apologies to customers.'

So what actually happened to my letter? The dog ate the postman's homework? It's a lame excuse by any standard, but some people really still believe they can get away with it through adulthood on the job.

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