Belusconi sells papers

Berlusconi is a godsend to news papers all around the world struggling to sell a few copies.
Sex sells, as any fule kno, and with the Italian PM's naughtie nighties exposed it is the best excuse the so-called 'serious' rags did not dare to come up with themselves: Just plaster pictures of young, pouting, barely clad females across the front pages and Bob's your uncle.
As De Morgen clearly demonstrated on its online version of the paper today.
The article sported no less than 5 pictures of call girl Patrizia D'Addario in various stages of undress. Not bad for a 260-ish word piece.
Hang on a sec. This has been done before. There was a magazine that used to sell loads of copies for the articles too. Let me think.... Oooh! I've got it! It's Playboy Magazine.

If only we could say we were really buying news papers for the articles these days...
Now that would be front page news worthy!

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