Howard who?

It looks like summer is over. It has gotten quite chilly so I've been cleaning out our hat and cloak area. When rummaging around in the draw where we keep gloves and the like I found a rather unusual item.

It's one of those cloth bags. The sort you get when attending a business fair. You never use them afterwards. They're not sturdy, they're useless for keeping something in them. People always have masses of them thrust upon their person, but never seem to get rid of them after they've taken them home. The bag as Ding an Sich wasn't that strange, but it was the print on it that puzzeled me.

Howard Carpendale - Alles ok. With a picture of a square-faced, open-armed, blond German guy.

He sounds and looks like an eighties 3rd rate pop idol. So I looked him up. His music is absolutely horrid.

To be absolutely clear on this: It is not my bag.
So I confronted Dr Livingstone. Is he a Howard Carpendale fan?

Dr L: 'Who is that guy?'
Mrs B: 'I dunno. He's on your bag.'
Dr L: 'Where did you find it?'
Mrs B: 'In the draw.'
Dr L: 'I've never seen it before.'

It sounded like one of those cheesy dialogues the police have in those crime series on the telly.
He probably got the bag when doing a show somewhere once upon a time.

Come on, how is it possible to forget the famous Howard Carpendale? Once you've seen him, you'll never. And just to tune your musical taste buds: here it is for all of you to 'enjoy'.

The bag is definitely going in the trash.

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