Hairdresser on fire

Every time Mrs B goes somewhere it is an event an sich.
Yesterday I went to the hairdresser. The two girls and Kurt, the obligatory gay employee, were very cheery as usual. Fluttering about and dispensing their usual small talk.
Then two guys came into the shop from the gas company. Apparantly they'd had trouble with the gas supply and this was the morning they'd be working on the mains.
I got a little worried there about there not being any warm water left to rinse my hair. But Kurt re-assured me they'd already been boiling water just in case.
The guys disappeared into the cellar and we started smelling gas.
We (three customers and ditto hairdressers) got a little worried. So Kurt opened up the door to the little patio. Then we all started joking about what would happen if there'd be an explosion.

'I hope you're wearing clean underware' Kurt said to his customer.
Reply: 'Is it too early to have a white wine? It could be my last!'
Roaring laughter all round (mind you, it was nine thirty in the morning).
Then the joking turned to the funeral arrangements.
One of the girls is from Turkey and the other is an Armenian. Kurt: 'You know, we've got to have one of those inter religious ceremonies'.
Hilal: 'I don't care, as long as all the bits they recover of me are burried facing east'. More snorting and giggles.
Kurt's dog Miel edged a little closer to me to so I could stroke its ears. It looked at me as if it said: 'I don't wanna go yet'.


Shannon said...

I was waiting patiently for the climactic explosion... But not to be?
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Mrs B said...

No explosion. An anti-climax if there ever was one.
I should have asked for a white wine too, come to think of it!