Wishing wel

I am opposed to using strong language on this blog, but:
Yves Leterme should just STFU!

On Wednesday he said:
In naam van de regering en de Belgische bevolking wil ik u oprecht feliciteren met uw verkiezingsoverwinning als leider van de conservatieve partij en met uw benoeming als Britse eerste minister.

I do not wish to congratulate newly elected PM David Camoron.™ Or anyone else for that matter.
If Calimero opens his lying trap just once more I shall have to get really, really cross.
I do not wish to have someone speak on my behalf, unless they have been specifically appointed by me.
Not by some laughable mandate from the masses masquerading under the umbrella of unconstitutional elections.
What a mess.

Oh wait. I do wish to congratulate someone today:
Happy Birthday Dr Livingstone!
Love you so much!
Sorry I passed on that horrible runny nose and sore throat to match.
Mouser has been very sweet and allowed me to put the salve in its eye twice already and kitteh has brought home two kinds of mice.

Kissing like a bandit
Stealing time
Underneath a sycamore tree
Cupid by the hour sends
To my sweet lover and me
But surely
Your appetite is more than I knew
I'm falling in love with you

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