All quiet on the blogging front

I've rather run out of flippant remarks this week. And time to blog. As I have the usual exams preventing me from leading a normal life. James Randi is giving a talk in Utrecht on the 11th, I'll have to miss that too. Two of my internet acquaintances are going. So, yes, I will sacrifice myself on the altar of education (again).
Dr Livingstone is out with the usual former cocaine guitar playing millionaire so I have the house all to myself.
Except for Mouser who keeps me company at all times. I still need to put ointment in its left eye four times a day. It looks like it is healing properly, although quite slowly. Kitteh ran into something and her lens has been damaged (again). It's similar to like last time albeit a very deep scratch. I think I'm going back tomorrow to our strange neurotic vet to have a check-up.
So it'll be all quiet on the blogging front for a while.

Untill then, I will leave you with a final look-alike match. As I was viewing the red carpet pictures from the Robin Hood premiere at Cannes I came across the unshaven face of Russel Crowe. He looks like that Verstrepen guy that hopped parties a while back. They sport the same foppish hair. My guess is they'll be using it to mask a rapidly receding hairline in a short while; actors and politicians tend to be very self-absorbed and share a common trait: vanity.

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