Greek sacrifice

In light of the economic crisis hitting most European countries, I've been raising both eyebrows when hearing the words 'Greeks' and 'sacrifice'. My imagination has been clouded because I've been studying the Ancients the past couple of terms.
But from the statements found in the media it is very obvious:
I don’t believe things will get better,” said office clerk Anastasia Griva, 49. “I am not prepared to make more sacrifices because I don’t think these measures will get us out of the crisis."

The office clerck is the voice of the Greek skeptic.

The Greek PM in his speech however: "People stop me on the street to say they are willing to make sacrifices if it can help our country".


"These sacrifices will give us breathing space and the time we need to make great changes," he added.


People are asking for blood,” ALCO pollster Costas Panagopoulos told Reuters.

Blood! Blood!

What kind of sacrifices are we talking about here? Piglets? Rams? Bulls?

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