Househunting (part 5)

An update on the househunting business: The real estate guy got back to us saying the owners didn't find it a very exciting price.
So we upped the bid with 20K, saying we didn't wan't to bid any higher untill some of the questions we'd asked had been answered.
One of these was the isolation on the roof. We're very certain it isn't isolated as the seller claims and we've asked for some proof. His word will not do. We're looking at 20K extra costs if we have to put down isolation.
The estate guy said the owner did not want to respond to any of our questions if we didn't put in a bid higher than 300K.
Which is a pretty strange reaction. Does this guy want to sell the house or not? Does he seriously think we'll just buy a house without knowing what exactly we're buying?
Dr Livingstone didn't sleep a wink.
So we retracted the bid the following day. Real estate guy emailed us saying he understood our reaction and he is having a hard time selling the place because the owner is 'a man of principle'.
Whatever that means.


Nico said...

My God. Er zit niets anders op dan een andere woning te zoeken. Beter iets langer uitkijken, dan spijt te hebben van een miskoop. Jullie vinden wel iets!

Mrs B said...

We zijn al héééél lang aan het uitkijken. Maar we zijn ook te veeleisend...
Het huis zou geen miskoop zijn, het is bouwtechnisch orde. Maar comfort anno 1985 ≠ isolatienormen 2010.
O ja, en die vieze bruine jaren 80 badkamer móet er gewoon uit.

Wordt ongetwijfeld vervolgd...