I, spider.

This beauty was crawling along a bedroom wall, just before I got into bed.
It hid behind the curtain, I didn't bother to get up as long as it didn't bother me.
Needless to say I didn't sleep much.
Next morning I inspected the curtain area. Nothing. More uneasy nights.

I didn't know what kind of spider it was. Some have a really nasty bite, I once got a really painful allergic reaction, but nothing a Zyrtec couldn't take care of.
So it showed up a couple of days ago in another room. Dr Livingstone was watching a detective series on the telly and he didn't want to get up to come and have a look (nor could he physically really, his back still hurts like hell).
But I insisted he come up and I brought a big mug and a card with me to catch it and put it out side.

First I had to take a photograph of this creature. It was humongous (to me). That leg span must have been a good 7 cm (I recon as big as the picture).
It's kinda spooky how its eyes reflect the flash of my camera.
So I looked it up. It's just a common House Spider, Tegenaria duellica. My little garden wildlife book didn't exactly reassure me. It says:

The House Spider (or Cobweb Spider) is undoubtedly the monster of the pack!

Notice the exclamation mark at the end. ! Brrr. It's wiki page tells me:

With speeds clocked at 9.73 ft/s (2.97 m/s), the giant house spider held the Guinness Book of World Records for top spider speed until 1987 when it was displaced by sun spiders (solfugids) although the latter are not true spiders as they belong to a different order.

Notice the word Giant.
Apparently it prowls around the house looking for females. The book continues:

This is the spider that you will see scuttling across the living room floor in the evenings, particular in the autumn and early winter months.

Right. Rub it in. I know summer has ended. I've had the heating on the last couple of days.
Sigh. I really want a house with double glazing.

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