We're off...

First day back at university today:
- Bus arrives 17 minutes late at destination.
- First lecture: bored to death.
- In between lectures: water pipe bursts and floods hallway. Slippery lolz ensue.
- Second lecture: Was mostly ok. Lord Elgin and the British Government are still perceived as the bad guys according to the archaeologist speaking ex cathedra.
- Missed the bus because of road works and bus stop being suprimated. When I arrived at the station for the next bus it was 11 minutes late.

Bleh. It seems I'll have to catch an early bus each morning to be on time if I have to add up the delay time to the e.t.a.
I may seem like a Garfield-wannabe by next week.
Who wouldn't hate Mondays if you have to be in the lecture hall at 8 am.

picture credit: Steven Fruitsmaak

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