Garden thrift

I was browsing through some pictures of the insects in my garden last year, how I miss the lush, colourful vegetation!
Things are starting to bud here and there (peonies are go!) but we're still a long way away from spiders, bees and butterflies dangling from every available leaf and flower.
Although we did spot Polygonia c-album, Inachis Io and two Goneptherix rhamni fluttering about.
Anyway, here's a snap of Hylotelephium telephium starting to grow again.

I'm quite up to speed on clearing up from last year. I've done most of the pruning and clearing away of dead material. OF course it's nothing compared to last year when we started from scratch. So yay for me.

Dr Livingstone cleared the veg garden in front, we're filling it with new earth and making plans to plant lots of yummy stuff once its warm enough to sow or plant outdoors. We've also re-arranged the self-made crates to make access easier for weeding.

I know I promised to blog about stuff going on so here's a small update on loads of stuff that has been going on all year.

1) Last year we introduced flowers on the drive way, not only to please ourselves and our neighbours but also to prevent people from parking in front of our door. This really helps and (we hope) will keep away contractors once the owner of a piece of land next to our mad neighbour starts to prepare for building (but let's hope not).
Two weeks ago I bought 11 different colours of primula and kept them indoors for another week. Last week I put them in our home-made receptacles together with some violets. Of course it froze the very next night (doh!), so they have withered a bit.

I've left some space open to plant petunia's later on, when they've matured enough to go out.

The flower boxes are made out of plastic gutters and are mounted on 50cm high poles, whacked into the ground with a big, wooden mallet.
It was a much cheaper alternative to buying ready made ones. And it was fun making them too.

So stay tuned for a next installment about my garden thrift.

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