Hybernation on hold

Hybernation is over. I've emerged from that strangely, warm winter (with only on day of snow) as slightly overworked, too busy to post anything meaningful (as you might have noticed).
So, dear reader, if you are still there, I pledge to make up for lost time and bring you some updates again about the World.

First off I'd like to point out that I'd had numerous things I wanted to blog about, be refrained from doing so. This was due to a lot of reasons. Mostly because I was going to comment on the political situation in the absurd little country that is my native Belgium. We've got elections in May and it has taken up most of the politicians time since spring last year.
So I'm quite done with it, and want nothing to do with political banter.
But alas, it is everywhere and there is no escaping it. Within a couple of weeks election banners and bill boards will be up and on display in every sympathizers front garden.

I'm finishing up my masters degree this year. But my professional work has dominated everything and I'll have to do my very best to write my paper and make it look interesting enough for some scholar to notice it and take me on board for some research project.

Lastly we've been busy in the garden yet again, I've done my bit so far. Getting rid of weeds, planting bulbs, clipping some bushes and ... sowing some seeds.
Will update on this because we've got big plans for this spring. Currently we have a crane with caterpillar tracks in the garden, so stay tuned!

For now, I'll leave you with a picture of lovely Mouser who's been really sweat and cuddly all through winter and has been a big help counting mice for statistical reasons.

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