Greenhouse treat part 2

So after the first step of ground moving stuff was completed we got in touch again with the greenhouse guys telling them that all was ready.

Again an early start for us as they were ready to build the structure before the crack of dawn. I was at the ready with coffee at some time before 7 a.m.

First up they put in some concrete foundation, we don't want it to be blown away when there's an intensified storm.

On top of these come the steel struts and in between the rest of the foundation. It immediately gives a good impression how it's going to look.

Next up the gutters go on top and then the roof and the support beams for the glass and hatches.

We chose to have a big sliding door of 1,5 meters fitted, it will allow a better air flow once temperatures climb up to 40ºC in summer.
Also two manual hatches and two automatic hatches that open according to the temperature inside.

The new greenhouse is huge (3 x 9 meters). It's that big because we wanted to have a little chill out spot inside it so we can have a beer when it is just a bit too nippy out and when there's a tad of annoying wind up.

The greenhouse in its entirety was put up in half a day. We put in the (recuperated) concrete slabs the following day (with Middle Teen's help) and were having a nice chilled beer by 4 pm.

We also started putting some things in it I'd sown a week or so earlier in our heated conservatory. It's got a tray holder at the back at a very convenient hight.

But I bundled the frail plants indoors again at night. Last week saw 20+ºC temperatures and temps just above freezing level at night.

More on the little seedlings in another post...

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