Esther Rantzen smile

This has got to be, without any exception, the most foul tasting, revolting toothpaste I have ever used in my life.
We got two samples from our dentist after our twice yearly check up. It's supposed to (actually confirmed in controlled study) strenghen and reduce bleeding gums and gingivitis. I like that word. Gingivitis.

Oh, and the colour.
It's brown.
Brown toothpaste.
The chocolate pudding variety colour. Very appetising indeed.

It even has these smilies on the back of the tube. They are supposed to reflect how your brushing experience should evolve over a fortnight:
Day 1 :-(
In between :-|
Day 15 :-)

I've been using it since Friday and it still makes my stomach churn, my mouth water and give me an Esther Rantzen smile.
I can only describe it as sprinkling your toothbrush with a mixture of salt, liquorice and a hint of mint. It doesn't sound bad, summing it up like this, but on my scouts honour, brushing my teeth has become a horrendous experience. It is not the kind of taste in your mouth to start your day off feeling fresh and revived.
I do however recommend trying it, it's supposed to work like a charm and it'll give you an experience you've never had before.
Note to Glaxo Kline: I expect that cheque will be in the post very soon.
For comparison's sake, you may have tasted it before:
-If you've been a student and had to drink some revolting concoction on your student baptism
-If you've crossed the Equator and experienced the rite of passage when you receive a chalice from the hands of Neptune
-If you've been duped into brushing with cigar ash, lemon juice, the bark of walnut tree, apple cider vinegar, hard wood ash, rock salt or indeed a mix of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to whiten you teeth as this site recommends.

So give it a try. It might turn out to be ParoDOntax.
Or indeed ParoDON'Tax.
I'll let you know where I stand on the matter in ten days time and if this product receives the much sought after 'Mrs B approves' stamp. Or not...

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