Another warning label has caught my attention. This time I noticed it when sitting at my other desk. The one with the flush, the plethora of magazines and the triple layered bog rolls. It's on the back of one of those spray cans that make it smell -eh- different after you've done the business. Like someone has just emptied his bowels in the middle of a Canadian pine apple wood or lavender field in the Provence instead of a small claustrophobic inducing water closet.
It is probably pretty obvious to anyone but me what the meaning of this little icon is. The clear, unambiguous message should be screaming out: "Keep the rugrats away from this Air Freshener".
But you are reading The World According to Mrs B, so: To me it looks like a girl reaching for a lap top and wave haired women with ditto dress carrying an articulated table leg. It really does, doesn't it?
And, yes, that doesn't make any sense at all. After all, pareidolia is in the eye of the beholder.
But I think this little Magritte-esque table leg tribute adds a quaint little surreal dimension to the boring object that is the common air freshner.

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