Positively hungry

I've missed London. Ever since my dad moved away, and it has been over ten years now, I haven't been back to the city. Now I am here in the capacity of a tourist.

[/shudders visibly]

Much has changed. And a lot hasn't.
Some things have changed for the better and new things have emerged too. What am I talking about? I've got one word for you, dear reader: Wagamama.

Last time Dr Livingstone and myself had a really nice oriental meal together was up in the Glasgow restaurant. We got hooked on dining at W's in Birmingham: it was a non smoking restaurant (years prior to the ban), it had oriental food, an informal environment and pricing was reasonable. And Dr Livingstone was trying out some noodle diet at the time I seem to remember.
When he's touring and has a day off, he rings and usually tells me he's going into town for a meal. We always seem to talk about the city in question if it has a Wagamama.
While in London we settled on a meal at Wagamama's on the Embankment. There are over 20 venues to choose from in the capital, but we settled on this one after the Teens™ had had their first taste of sightseeing. A brisk walk in the blistering heat through Hyde Park, along Albert Memorial, a short shopping spree in Harrods, some tube changeovers, and a quick march via Westminster abbey, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and the London Eye.
The Teens™ absolutely loved eating there. They're very unadventurous when it comes to eating. But this was a real hit. Even the most difficult of diners in our midst, Youngest Teen™, fully embraced the experience. We did have some difficulty choosing the right dish together:
a) I had to translate bits of the menu and I'm no culinary expert. I just don't know what some stuff on the menu is.
b) She's not keen on vegetables. Of any kind.
I think carrots and cucumbers are an exception. If you serve her something that contains -say- tomatoes, she'll perform an autopsy on the dish until every single shred has been removed. But then again, if you don't mention there are veggies in there she doesn't like, she'll eat it all the same without noticing. I'm one for not putting up with her food tantrums, but Dr Livingstone usually gives in.

The gyoza's (both the veggie and beef ones) were gone in the blink of an Eye (geddit?).
Fresh helpings of fruit juice, different ramen dishes, a curry chicken, something with tofu for Eldest Veggie Teen™, some noodles for the Dr, ice creams and several chilled litre bottles of water with plenty of ice.

Note to self: when 30 ºC outside in the shade, never order chili based dish.

Several years ago Dr Livingstone bought me the Wagamama Cookbook by Hugo Arnold when in Dublin.
Could have a stab at making something in near future. i just need to find a good chinese supermarket in the neighbourhood that sell some of the much needed oriental ingredients.

Must go and try the only Wagamama in Belgium. It's in Antwerp. But I think someone should have a sub-franchise in another part of the country. Leuven could be a good place. Fat chance, as there are only 6 other countries in Europe (including Switserland, Cyprus and Denmark) that have a Wagamama.

WANT! I'm getting a helluva craving by just looking at the cookbook again. Got the munchies man.

Right, that's settled then. Next time kids are here, I'll be playing the Waga trump card to entice them into visiting the Rubens House or something first... No need to argue. Just need to eat.

Note to self: Stop blogging about food when hungry.

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