Satan beer removed from shops

The religious fundies are at it again in the US of A.
This time they've complained about the delicious Belgian beer Satan.

/rolls eyes

Read the full story in this linky.

"There is a Bible-thumping crusader behind every tree," says Charlotte Rowell, the owner of Noble Union. "We feel very strongly about enforcement of underage consumption laws and responsible drinking. But what I do have a hard time tolerating is the intolerance of religion. Were this to be taken to a legal battle, we would certainly win the right to keep our beers in the market."

Do it! Go for it! I'll toast to that!
All hail to the ale and long live Satan, Duvel and Lucifer.

And to top it off I give you that well known Flemish saying:

"In heaven there is no beer, that's why we drink it here"

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