America's new superhero?

Is this the face of America's new superhero?

It could turn out his legislature could be a lot like the plot of Superman III:

Disguised as an Army general and a WAC officer, McCain and Palin give Obama a chunk of republicanite as a gift, and are dismayed to see that it appears to have no effect on him. However, the compound begins to produce symptoms: after a flying, ambitious start of his presidency Obama becomes selfish, which causes him to delay in rescuing the troops serving in far away countries, delaying environmental and health reforms and to question his own self-worth.
As the budget cuts take effect, Obama becomes depressed, angry, and casually destructive, committing petty acts of vandalism such as blowing out the Olympic torch and straightening the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The Republicans, seeing this, create new plans and order a supercomputer to be built.
Obama sullenly assuages his depression with a drinking binge, but is overcome by guilt and undergoes a nervous breakdown. After nearly crash-landing in Afghanistan, he splits into two personas: the evil, selfish Obama and the moral, righteous Obama. The evil Obama and Obama, the embodiment of his remaining good qualities, engage in an epic battle. Although Obama is initially overpowered by his alter ego, he eventually takes the upper hand, feverishly strangling his evil identity until it fades from sight. Thereafter he is restored to his benevolent former self and continues to save the world and is elected to a second term.

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